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I’m sure every guy that has ever been in a guys locker room whether they are gay or straight have

either had an erection partial or full or have seen a guy in the locker room sporting a huge erection that you could not take your eyes off of even if you wanted too or you were so turned on you didn’t know what hit you. First lets start with the facts about guys with an erection in the locker room. It happens all the time especially with longer guys. Younger guys get erections all the time and an erection in the locker room is no different. As guys we get erections when we are driving our cars, standing in line, working out at the gym in fact erections happen everywhere and quite often for no reason at all. When guys get older they don’t have erections every other minute but they still happen often and they can happen at times we might not want one like a straight guy in the shower in a locker room filled with a bunk of other guys. It’s happened to me many times so I thought it would be interesting to talk about this taboo subject on a new website. is not just very long name for a website it is a site about my experiences and that of other men about unwanted erections and erections that we want to have in front of other men in the locker room. Guys with locker room erections will offer my actual real erection stories, other guys stories about locker room erections and stories that you send in about your experiences or that of someone you might know. We will post photos of excellent guys with small erections, medium sized erections and large full erections. We will be happy to post photos of your erections and that of other guys you know. If you have some covert guys with locker room erection photos we will post them but with blurred out faces.

We will have a guys with locker room erection fiction story section.

I have access from a few different companies that will be supplying our website photos of both amateur and professional male models all nude. Most of the photos will be of guys with erections but if we find a super hot guy nude we will post photos even if he has a semi erection.

One of the fun guys with locker room erection section will discuss guys that enjoy showing their erections in public, not flashers but things like guys who wear tiny bikinis or thongs that are designed to show off

The outline of their cocks pressed against the fabric with an erection that can clearly be seen. I have seen this many times at the beach and even though I love wearing tiny thongs and g-strings, I enjoy my penis looking very small most of the time but sometimes I’m in the mood to show a full erection in front of the guys and the girls.

One of my most memorable locker room erections was one of the first I remember. I am always very tan and my tan line is a tiny thong. And my body is completely shaved there is not a hair on my butt or a hair anywhere near my smallish cock. I had a great workout and was in a rush but thought hey there are not a lot of guys in the locker room and the showers were empty. I got in and was leathering up when a huge handsome black guy with the most amazing body got into the shower with me. This lover room had an open shower area with multiple heads. I was intimidated by this amazing stud, sometimes guys see my tan line and just assume I’m gay. This hot black guy looked over and smiled and said hot tan it looks great, I looked over and said thanks when I noticed his huge erection, his cock was so hard and so big I was completely amazed and unlike shy little me he could not have cared less who looked as his monster erection. By then there were more guys in the locker room and a couple of new additions in the shower,

The new guys were just as shocked as I was by the huge erection our hero was sporting.. I was lucky more guys came in when they did I’m sure he would have talked me into sucking it right there in the locker room shower. As it was I finished up and went over to my locker to dress at that moment I felt someone behind me and it was the stud still with a huge erection. I took a quick look around grabbed his huge cock in my hands and gave it a few quick licks and tasted it in my mouth, right in the middle of the locker room!

No one saw, I got his number and latter his huge erection up my ass,, I’m Bi and rarely take it up the ass but he was so good looking, I’m still not sure it was worth it, my ass hurt for weeks from that monster erection.

Exciting things can happen in the locker room with guys and erections.

If you want to attract attention and have many guys hit on you one of the best places is the locker room,

It’s guys only and though many are straight, and by the way I have had sex with a number of guys I met in the locker room that said they were straight, many gay and BI guys are attracted to nude guys in public.

Having a sexy tan and being shaved with no pubic hair seems to by a green light for guys that are interested in having sex to be aggressive in seeing if I am available and making eye contact in the shower and working up a nice erection works very well too.


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One of the most exciting guys with locker room erection sections will be the post your feelings, just e-mail us at

how you felt when other guys saw your erection and how you felt stumbling upon other guys that had an erection.


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